DMCA USB Base 2010

Digital Multi channel Analyzer USB Base Model 2010
The MAC-base consists of a 12-bit CFP multi-channel analyzer and an integrated high voltage generator (0-2000V) and divider to power the photo-multiplier (PMT). It plugs directly onto the PMT and can be powered and controlled via USB. The high voltage divider can deliver 100µA DC current and 20 mA pulse current to the PMT anode while maintaining excellent gain stability.The device and all connectors are sealed against water and moisture intrusion. The USB, LAN and GPIO connectors are IP68 watertight connectors.


The DMCA USB base is a PMT plug-in with a digital MCA, embedded high-voltage generator and the active voltage divider. The MCA-base consists of a CFP multichannel analyzer and an integrated high voltage generator and divider to power the photomultiplier (PMT). It plugs directly onto the PMT and can be powered and controlled via USB. The high voltage divider can deliver 100μA DC current and 20mA pulse current to the PMT anode while maintaining excellent gain stability. The device is sealed and specified over a temperature range of -20°C to +50°C.


  • Plug onto PMT
  • Many PMT pin outs supported and Work with any scintillator
  • Control PMT high voltage 12-bit resolutions
  • Measure pulse energy, arrival time, triggering
  • Measure perform pulse shape analyzer
  • Three variants: USB, (Optional CAN, RS485, Rs232)
  • Active divider for highest linearity (Optional)

Port configuration:

  • RS - 232
  • USB Port
  • LEMO 6 Pin
  • Lan


  • MCA and high voltage unit are integrated into a single housing and fully sealed.


  • PMT: 14-pin socket for DCMCA2010 base. Multiple PMT pin outs and custom pinouts are available.
  • USB: USB and mini-B USB connector. Thread lock is available (OPT).
  • GPIO: 8-position connector with bayonet locks (OPT).


  • USB-powered and controlled
  • Digital-signal processing MCA
  • Using waveform digitizing ADCs
  • Ten-bit/20MSPS (power saver) to 12-bit/80MSPS (high performance) 
  • One unit is suitable for all scintillators by varying programmable parameters
  • Memory Histogram: 4096 x 32-bit histogram memory
  • Very high maximum histogramming rate, up to 1Mcps (periodic)

Optional extended Functionality:

  • Trace acquisition for oscilloscope-like display, 4096 samples (Points)
  • List mode data acquisition stores energy, time-of-arrival and (optional) pulse shape parameter on
  • event-by-event basis
  • Real-time pulse shape discrimination

High voltage unit:

  • Between 0 to 1500 V, positive or negative, programmable in 1V steps.
  • Transistorized divider for highest linearity at lowest power consumption. (OPT)

Power consumption:

  • Depending on ADC and speed: between 200mA to 400mA at 1000 V.

Operating conditions:

  • Temperature: -20oC to +50oC


  • CFP-Pro / DAQ for evaluation software
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