CFP Company Services

At CFP we have engineering service that aims to support our customer requirement and to achieve their objectives. Additionally, we have strong working relationships with experts from a variety of engineering related fields. This capacity, combined with our own vast experience allows us to provide comprehensive services, ensuring continuity and design quality.
Analysis Group
  • Analysis Based on Simulation (ROS, Matlab and Python)
  • Programming Based on Real-time Languages
  • Parallel Programming Based on Cuda
  • Simulation of Complex Mechanical Systems
  • New Method for Full Spectrum Analysis
  • Simulating Complex Academic and Industrial Systems
  • Designing Translation Procedure from Matlab to C#
  • Natural Language Processing Based on Deep Learning
  • Experienced in Matlab Neural Network, Curve FittingToolbox
  • Image Analysis Based on Convolutional Neural Network
  • Theoretical Modeling of Complex Mechanical Systems
  • Designing Translation Procedure from C# to Low-level Languages
  • Experienced in Deep learning Toolboxes Based on Python (Theano)
  • Implementing Responder System in Humanoid Robot Based on Deep Learning
  • Outstanding Researches and Professors in Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Based on Deep Learning
Electronic and Spectrometry Group
  • Designing based on FPGA
  • Utilizing Arm processors (Cortex M3, M4)
  • Communicating with RGB display by 24 and 18 bits and LVDS
  • Utilizing communication ports including RS232, RS428, RS422, LAN and USB
  • Working with Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) to efficiently Utilize Resources
  • Designing and manufacturing advanced instruments(Spectroscopy, Optic, Robotic)
  • Designing and implementing embedded systems for portable applications
  • Designing and manufacturing industrial robots (Electronic, Mechanic, pneumatic and AI)
  • LCD controller board (RGB or LVDS to VGA or AV)
  • LCD interfaces (LVDS,MIPI, 3/4SPI+16/18/24bit RGB, 3/4SPI, 8/16 MCU, 18/24 bit RGB)
  • LCD interfaces (VGA, AV, MCU or HDMI interface via driver board)
  • LCD driving (Mono, Momo TN/STN/HTN Graphic and Character LCD module)
Industrial Design and Mechanic Group
  • Prototype Production
  • Production Method
  • Metal Shaping
  • Rapid Prototyping Using Alloys
  • Electrostatic Powder Coating
  • Industrial Prototype Documentation
  • Designing Based on Fixed Price
  • Laser Beam Welding for Connections
  • Re-engineering and Reverse Engineering
  • Lathe and CNC Machinery of Metals and Plastics with low Thickness
  • Metal Spinning for production of parts with copper
  • Production of Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber and Kevlar Fiber Parts
  • Graphical Design(Character Building, Illustration, Modeling, Conceptual Designing)
  • Photography(Industrial Photography, 360° Photography)
  • Custom indicator and display designing services
Software Group
  • Web Services(WCF, WebAPI)
  • Web Applications(Asp.Net, MVC)
  • Real-Time Operating System(RTOS)
  • low-level Programing(C, C++, QT)
  • Embedded System Programing(linux, windows CE, Android)
  • Mobile Applications(Android, Windows Phone, iOS)
  • Windows Application(.Net, WPF, Socket Programing, Peripheral Programing)
Trading Group
  • Offering Alternative
  • Original equipment manufacturer
  • Fulfilling Purchase Orders of Original Electronic Components
  • Importation from Several Countries All Over the World
  • Supporting Office in England, Hong Kong, China and Singapore
  • Customized Production of Components and Devices
  • Market Search to Recognize Best Supplier for a Specific Products
  • Offering Technical Support Services and Possibility of Component Inspection in the Origin
  • Technical and Information Support for Customers to Achieve Their Product with Best Quality